shutterstock_112330748As summer approaches, it…s important to remember to stay safe and avoid overheating while you exercise outside. Whether it…s running, swimming, biking, playing sports or taking a walk, use these tips to help you stay as cool as you can to get the most out of your physical activity.

Drink water
Don…t let yourself get dehydrated.

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You won…t be able to finish your exercise, you…ll feel sick and it could result in issues such as passing out or feeling extremely light headed.

Wear loose-fitting clothing
Avoid cotton, as it holds sweat in, and stick to lightweight options as those types of clothing will be the most comfortable and safe while exercising. If tight clothing is worn, you may not have the mobility and smooth movement you would normally have.

It’s important to use sunscreen, even if you don…t think you need it. Protecting your skin from the sun will prevent burns or sun damage to your skin. These effects can also snowball into dehydration.

Time of day
Exercise during the coolest part of the day, normally early morning or early evening. That will prevent overheating and also overexerting yourself from the intense heat that takes place in the middle of the day.

Learn more about how heat affects your body and other preventative measures you can take while working out this summer here. test of dns